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At the Old Dominion Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, we are always looking for volunteers. No matter where your interests lie, we have something that you will enjoy doing. We have a vast amount of archives of Virginia railroading that need to be filed, categorized, and this information relayed to our members, we need the museum staffed, we need volunteers for our excursions, and at our Hallsboro Yard, where we do extensive equipment restoration, track work, and train operations. We have the only working steam locomotive in the state of Virginia at this facility. The best part? No experience is necessary! We wil teach you. If your interested, send us an email.


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Our volunteers provide valuable railroad related educational programs for civic groups, scout troops and school field trips. Our outreach program provides guest speakers at luncheons, meetings of civic and church clubs, and in the classrooms of local schools.



Track Work Spring 2007

Putting new batteries into the RF&P crane

Replacing the clutch on the HM-6

Kevin Frick on the Bob Cat

Moving the security fence Summer 2007

Engine work on the HM-6

More track work spring 2007

Tom Hardesty starts to wire brush the old paint off of the interior of the 494

Keith Crump cuts off an old steam pipe n the 494 to make it even with the floor

Bob Dickenson and Giles Scott put up scaffolding to start roof work on the 71 car

Kevin Frick (on the tractor) Randy Ridgley and Bob Stevens put in drainage pipes so that the area can be backfilled and the security fence can be run across the edge of the property


  Getting the 0-6-0 ready for boiler inspection, photos by Rachel Harrison  
Getting the 0-6-0 ready for the boiler inspection, photos by Rachel Harrison