Visitors from across the POND.  On Sat. Sept. 27 a group of 12 members of a rail group from England paid a visit to our Museum in Richmond. On Sun. Sept 28 they visited Hallsboro equipment site.  This group travels all over looking for any railroad equipment.  I think this is the second time here in the states. On this trip they are visiting Va.,Penn.,Maryland.  They are planning on coming back to see CASS.  They travel in 3 van's and are use to driving on the wrong side of the highway.

RF&P 101 Albemarle Paper "The Rebel" 0-6-0
Davenport 44 Toner
Southern Pullman Car "McGirth"
Fireless Cooker Porter 0-4-0 Norfolk and Western 1202
Dinwiddie County

Central of Georgia 494 Southern Car 71 RF&P 185
Central of Georgia 406 Dinwiddie County Southern 1015 HW Sleeper "McGirth"
Southern Coach 1088

Southern Pullman "Brentwood"

RF&P coach 704
RF&P coachj 705 RF&P coach 703 RF&P coach 706
Southern Coach 1006 Norfolk and Western "Sussex County" Fairbanks Morse (Sheffield) 40B
C&O HM-6 RF&P Caboose 824
Seaboard Boxcar Southern Boxcar 23452 Southern 32176 box car
Seaboard Coastline Caboose Allied Chemical Steam Crane C&O Tender