Record #: 17

Last Updated: 7/15/2013

Equipment Designation: Locomotive

Unit Number: C/N 7493

Type: 0-6-0T

Category: Steam Locomotive

Equipment Location:

Original owner or donor: US Army

The following documents are available pertaining to this piece of equipment:

1. Pkg. of documents from Carl Renfroe at Ethyl Corp.

2. Specification Card for Boiler # 3852

3. Boiler post-mortem Report

4. Article from Trains Magazine Dec/ 1964

5. Tredeger log document from archives

Description: Built by H.K. Porter (C/N 7493) December, 1942 as US Army Corps of Engineers #5019 with 54" drivers, 210 lbs pressure, 161/2"x24" cylinders, 21,630 lbs tractive effort, 1200 gals water, and 1.5 ton coal capacities.  Assigned to the Transportation Corps and reportedly retired in 1948 at Carteret, NJ.  Purchased by Tredegar in 1948 for service in Richmond, VA and renumbered as the No. 4.  In 1960, the locomotive was renamed the “Rebel” when Tredegar was acquired by Albemarle Paper Company.  Retired in 1966 and donated to the ODC by Ethyl Corporation (successor to Albemarle Paper) in February, 1969.  Restored for service on July, 10, 1982 and renumbered to No. 1 the following year. Currently used for switching at ODC’s storage and maintenance facility. For information about locomotives of this type, see article, “Built for Battle”, in December, 1964 issue of Trains written by Col. Howard G. Hill, USAR.
Richmond, VA. USA