Record #: 3

Last Updated: 7/15/2013

Equipment Designation: Caboose

Unit Number: SBD 21019 (originally 01019)

Type: Steel caboose Type M-5

Category: Freight train service

Equipment Location: Richmond RR Museum

Original owner or donor: Seaboard System


Description: The Seaboard System was a Class 1 Railroad created by merging the railroads of the Family Lines System. Seaboard System was formed in 1983, in order to facilitate the eventual merger with CSX which occurred in July of 1986. Three caboose types were used by Seaboard System, including the M5, M6 and M7. SBD 21019 is a type M5.

Production of the M5 began in 1964 and continued until 1969. They were built by converting old 36 foot boxcars (Pullman Standard built in 1942) numbered 0600-01039. This caboose designated as #1019, was built in 1969 at the West Jacksonville ACL shops in Jacksonville, Florida. While earlier cabooses of this type were painted orange, this one was originally gray and bore the Family Lines insignia as it appears today. The original number 01019 was changed to 21019 when Family Lines merged with CSX.

The caboose is outfitted as both a mobile office and an observation platform for monitoring the train being pulled.

Richmond, VA. USA